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Sound the trumpets!

The trumpet has such a beautiful and majestic sound! It has evolved into an instrument of great importance!

Consider just some of the settings where the trumpet is featured:

  • At the beginning of each day in the military
  • As a final tribute to our fallen soldiers
  • At MANY wedding ceremonies!
  • During the opening of the television show CBS Sunday Morning
  • Before each race at the racetrack

One of the joys of my life has been having the opportunity to play the trumpet. I first began playing the trumpet over 40 years ago and have been working professionally as a freelancer for over 30 years. After so much practicing, performing and researching this wonderful instrument, I feel it is time to share what I have picked up with all who are interested.

This guide is intended to provide another resource for the beginning to intermediate trumpet student (and parent). Consider it "my 2 cents" on the topic. Please understand, if you are an experienced player, I'm sure you will already be well familiar with the vast majority of information presented here, though I hope you will still enjoy reading what I have to offer.

In the pages that follow, I will be covering a wide variety of topics related to the trumpet including:

A HISTORY OF THE TRUMPET - Just how far back does the trumpet go? You might be surprised.

THE DIFFERENT TRUMPET TYPES - Lots, including with and without valves. Read about the many members of the trumpet family!

THE FUNDAMENTALS OF PRACTICING THE TRUMPET - Plain and simple. The most important components of sound trumpet playing, and why they are so crucial.

USEFUL TRUMPET PRACTICING TIPS - A list of thoughts on how to get the most out of your practice time, plus how to take the boredom out and add fun to the mix!

THE VALUE OF USING PLAY-A-LONGS - A fun and helpful way to perform with a pre-recorded jazz group, brass quintet, and even an entire orchestra!

TRUMPET CARE AND MAINTENANCE - More simple than you might think. Here we talk about what is important and what is not so important.

TRUMPET MOUTHPIECES - So many mouthpieces, only one lip. Which mouthpiece will be best for you? Some thoughts, plus a quick rundown of the most popular brands.

TRUMPET ACCESSORIES - There is a wide array of items you can pick up as you advance. I will cover some of the most common accessories.

GREAT TRUMPET RECORDINGS - The list is endless. My opinion on those I consider essential to your collection.

INSTRUCTION BOOKS FOR THE TRUMPET - Which books will serve you best? There are many good books out there! I will list those that I believe will do the most for you.

FUN BOOKS ON THE TRUMPET - Read all about the fascinating lives of the greatest players, including how they got to be so good! (Hint: they practiced a lot)

NEW TRUMPET BUYING ADVICE - We will explore some student level and professional level trumpets that are out there.

USED TRUMPET BUYING ADVICE - Looking for a great trumpet for less? There are lots of (hardly) used trumpets out there for a great price if you know what you are looking for.

BUYING ADVICE FOR FLUGELHORNS - A flugelhorn has a naturally soft sound and makes a great addition to your arsenal. Here are a few nice flugelhorns to consider.

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